DevLog 1

Hey. Lead designer for Palpitator here. 

Like one of my coders, Andrew Said: We initially had trouble figuring out what to really do in direction at first. Thankfully with the help of the professor and a few examples from various games, we finally got the ball rolling. I'm much more excited to work on this project than before. At first, I was rather hesitant to be the leader of my own game, but it's starting to piece together. I'm very grateful already to have a team that's pretty friendly, but also rather recluse outside of work. Understandably so because this semester has been a pretty heavy one compared to the others. I'm honestly glad that I have a team as insightful as mine because as a lead designer, I feel like I hit a road full of blanks sometimes. It feels like an actual dev team instead of a band of people put together just to submit a final project to get a letter on your permanent record, deciding what happens to you academically in the future. 

From my recollection: 

My coders have been pulling out the hairs from their heads coding, bless their souls, a way to recreate the traditional swap-n'-switch kind of style that Bejeweled has had in the past. It's been an improvement from last week considering we have solid ground now and we're not just aimlessly creating assets for the sake of assurance and security. 

My Artist is currently working on assets for the game, trying to go for that genuine neon feel. He's using the music from the game to inspire him to create assets that look and feel like they belong in the game. I'm rather curious as to how that'll look, but I have high hopes. 

I myself have been working on the music direction and the way the game will flow. Again and again, I'm so happy and relieved we have an actual idea set in stone for this. For other work related things, I've updated the GDD to fit what we're doing and helping the team with whatever I possibly can. That, and I've updated the page. 

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