Jerick's Palpitator DevLog #2


For this past week, things have been seeming a bit rough with our artist. He really does need to pick up the slack because us as a team need to communicate and stick to the contract. That, and no one wants to fail.

I've been keeping in check with everyone and making sure they've been up to date with everything and working with each other. My coders have been doing a stellar job on that so far, thank goodness. They've managed to accomplish completing the core mechanics, which I'm very happy about. From what I've heard from Etton and Andrew, they've gotten most of the code to work and it functions just well which is not perfect, but golden with me. 


With deadlines, it feels like I have to be more stern with such. I'm giving the art director more things to work on for his last chance. I believe he has the skills to do these kinds of tasks, but I'm not seeing it. At least, not yet.

With my coders, I'll have to talk with them to see what's up regarding deadlines.

Honestly? It does feel like it's going to be a long week, but I believe in my team.

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